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The results of a natural and cultural residency based at Lake St Clair, March - May 2006

Exhibition held at the Tasmanian Land Conservancy Gallery, Sandy Bay Road, October 2008

Open edition exhibition prints available, click here

Lake St Clair from Cynthia Bay

The aim of this project was to explore new ways of photographing the Tasmanian wilderness, as well as exploring the contradiction of people within wilderness. I was hoping to achieve this by using a mixture of the traditional techniques of film as well as digital media, and pinhole camera photography.

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A 3m 22s silent movie exploring the Lake St Clair region using timelapse and portraits. Done using only still photography, this movie shows the transience of light in place, and questions the notion of the perfect moment in landscape photography. People too are a part of the landscape, yet we only spend moments in any one place, rarely stopping to contemplate or consider. This version is located offsite at YouTube.com, and is highly compressed from the original.

I was assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts in 2005-06. To find out more about the Natural and Cultural Residency program, visit the Arts Tasmania website.

Thanks to the many people at Lake St Clair who helped make my stay so productive and enjoyable; Parks staff (Barry, Trevor, Amenah, Paul, Darren, to name but a few), the friendly ferry folk (John and Co.), and all those walkers and visitors who were kind enough to let me take a portrait of them.

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